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Boys Officials


Girls Officials

Boys Rates 2018
  • $65 for NHLOA rated adult official
  • $45 for US Lacrosse Youth Officials with more than 1 year of experience
  • $30 for 1st year US Lacrosse Youth Officials

Towns should schedule NHLOA officials through Bill Ball. Towns are responsible for scheduling youth officials. Youth officials must be 2 years older that the level they are officiating.

Bill Ball
1 Briar St Exeter, NH 03833
Home: 778-6139
Cell: 502-8803
Work: 775-8530
Fax: 775-8988

You must first send a fee of $30 per team with directions to your fields to Bill. As you progress through the season please email an updated week schedule to Bill no latter than Monday of each week.

Use of officials:

  • 14U & 12U -- Minimally 1 NHLOA official from Bill Ball and 1 US Lacrosse Level 2 youth official
  • 10U -- 1 NHLOA official and 1 US Lacrosse youth official or 1 Level 2 and 1 Level 1 US Lacrosse youth officials
  • 10U small field -- 1 US Lacrosse Youth Official (2 recommended)
  • 8U -- 1 US Lacrosse Level 2 or Level 1 youth official

Note: The master list of 2018 youth officials - name, town, contact information will be posted on the NHYLA web site in the Documents/Officials section. If you need information prior to that please contact Wayne Demers at 603-778-8411 or for current information.

Girls Rates 2018

(updated begining of 2018 season)

  • $65 for US Lacrosse Rated Adult Official
  • $45 for US Lacrosse Youth/Junior Officials with more than 1 year of experience
  • $30 for 1st year US Lacrosse Youth Officials
  • $10 un-rated youth umpire working & $65 for rated adult umpire responsible for game and working with un-rated youth

NHYLA will be scheduling officials for NHYLA Games in 2018. Each town must schedule officials on your own for scimmages and non-NHYLA games.

An "OFFICIALs" list for all qualified officials that have expressed interest in doing YOUTH games will be posted in the future. Towns should use only this list to schedule officials to be sure a qualified official does your scrimmages and non-NHYLA league games.

Pass Rule 8U, 10U and 12U

One attempted pass is required after the ball and the ball carrier completely cross the restraining line before a shot can be taken at the goal. An additional pass is not required until the ball leaves the offensive side of the field beyond the restraining line. If a shot is taken before the pass is attempted, it is considered a goal circle violation and the ball is awarded to the goal keeper.


Pass Rule 14U - no pass rule.

Umpires Girls Games- It is recommended by US Lacrosse that all games be officiated by two umpires. It is required by NHYLA to have the following umpires for games as follows,

  • 14U Two US Lacrosse umpires for all games
  • 12U Two US Lacrosse umpires for all games
  • 10U Two US Lacrosse umpires for all games
  • 10U One US Lacrosse umpire for all games (2 recommended)
  • 8U One US Lacrosse Umpire  (2 recommended)

Level of Play
Teams shall play under the following rule levels as defined by US Lacrosse Rules Book Current Edition with clarification as note in NHYLA Rules.
Questions can be addressed to Katherine Stearns: kbstearns@me.com or (603) 410-5840